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The Football Supporters Federation launched Twenty’s Plenty for Away Tickets in January 2013.


Twenty's Plenty Aims:

Football clubs at all levels of the game need to recognise and reward the amazing contribution of away fans by getting together to agree an across the board price cap on away match tickets of £20 (£15 for concessions).


Supporters understand that football is unaffordable for many and this is especially true for away fans who, aside from match tickets, must contend with spiralling food, drink and travel costs. There has been a tremendous groundswell of opinion lately with campaigns and petitions popping up across the country.


Why Football Clubs Should Back Twenty's Plenty:

  • Watching live football is becoming more and more expensive and, in the current financial climate, many fans are finding it harder to afford. Increases in the cost of fuel and rail fares make travelling away particularly expensive.

  • Some football clubs already go to great lengths to keep ticket prices accessible through promotional deals and responsible pricing. Sadly those offers are rarely shared with away fans.

  • Reciprocal arrangements are in everyone’s interest – if all clubs adopt cheaper pricing for away fans, match attendance will increase and teams would be backed by more of their most loyal supporters away from home.

  • Lower prices would help make football more affordable for those on low wages, children, students and OAPs. Football must act now to make sure it doesn’t lose the next generation of match-going fans.


Bradford City FC:


At our Club, we are pleased that the Club's pricing policies, which have remained largely unchanged for some years, align with the principles of Twenty's Plenty with Home and Away fans being charged £20 (£15 for concessions) for all normal seating at the Coral Windows Stadium. (Only those wishing to use Hospitality Suites or the Bantams Bar are charged more than this.) Given the extraordinary, long-standing commitments the Club have made to pricing Season Tickets to make watching football here in Bradford as affordable as possible, this is even more commendable. So credit where it's due and long may this remain the case.


However, not all Clubs in our League see it the same way and City fans sometimes find themselves paying more. This is especially off-putting if Home fans benefit from deals not available to their visitors. We will continue to review the position and work with FSF to get the message home.


If you want to learn more or get personally involved, check out where you will find plenty of information under 'Campaigns'.