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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Jun 18 2021 08:06AM

Bradford City Supporters Board (SB) has put out a survey to all Bradford City’s fan base to help define its integral structure while encouraging more activity to help it grow and do more in support of our Club.

Founded in 2012, the SB is made up of selected individuals and representatives of fans groups, such as the Trust, various travel clubs, Bradford Disability, Friends of Bradford City and more. It has an opportunity of representing a wider section of the Club’s fan-base with your input into this survey.

You can take part in the survey here before it’s too late!

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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Jun 11 2021 10:32AM

The Supporters Board (SB) was founded in 2012 and developed by former Head of Operations, David Baldwin. It is an important piece of Fan Engagement which is made up of selected individuals and representatives of fans groups, such as the Trust, various travel clubs, Bradford Disability, Friends of Bradford City and more.

In 2014 the Government launched an Expert Working Group (EWG) on issues relating to Supporter Ownership and Engagement. The EWG Report, 2016, had cited our SB as an example of good practice See here.

The Supporters Board meets once a month allowing the Club to inform the SB of any recent developments while also giving those fans the opportunity to feed back ideas of their own and their respective membership and other Bradford City fans and stakeholders.

The SB is reaching out to the entire Clubs’ fan base to help define it while encouraging more activity to help it grow and do more in support of our Club. You can take part in the Supporters Board Survey here.

Note: ‘Club led Fan Engagement’ such as Supporters Boards are a minimum form of fan engagement expected by the EWG as the pyramid table indicates below.

*Supporters Direct (SD) produced a guidance document in approximately 2017/18 called ‘Engage! How Football Clubs Can Win With Football Supporters’, and our Supporters Board was a case study, pg 13.

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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Jun 8 2021 08:06AM

The Trust welcomes Derek Adams as the new Manager at Bradford City

Derek Adams became the new Manager at Bradford City as of Friday 4th June 2021, and we wish him the very best of luck in his immediate goal of getting the Bantams out of League Two.

It has been a successful coup for City of bringing Adams to us whilst still under contract with Morecambe FC, where he led the Shrimps to League One through the Play Offs, beating Newport County 1 -0 on the Bank Holiday at the end of May.

Adams, who has signed a new three-year deal with City, has a history of working well under pressure and getting teams promoted, such as, Ross County, where he started his managerial Career and more recently, Plymouth Argyle.

We hope that paying the ‘compensation clause’ for acquiring an, ‘in contract’ Adams pays dividends for the Club. It hasn’t been the most conventional way of bringing a new manager to Valley Parade.

Since the release of Mark Trueman and Conor Sellars on the 10th May, speculation had continued to mount. The Club statement on the manager situation, 10th May, suggested the Club had been looking and found someone already. Those predictions were proven to be right.

The Trust would like to see continuity and long-term stability now we have landed on such a proven manager in Derek Adams, whereby all the resources possible are at his disposal so that he can get the best out of the team from his selection.

We would like to thank Mark Trueman and Conor Sellars for their sterling efforts, jumping into the breach with no first team managerial experience, steering us from the drop zone and within touching distance of the Play-offs.

Here’s to Derek Adams leading the Club to promotion next season and building on that success with us for as long as possible.

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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Jun 2 2021 08:41AM

The impact of the European Super League (ESL) prompted a speedy response from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to appoint a Chair of the Government’s Fan-led Review in early March, former Sports Minister, Tracey Crouch, and the Terms of Reference (ToR), see here, were published on the 22nd April.

The Fan-led Review was an election manifesto policy of 2019 of the Conservative Party, that leading figures within the FSA have been lobbying for since, and in April encouraged football fans to lobby their MP to get behind an Early Day Motion (EDM) to be heard before Parliament calling for support from MPs who back the FSA’s reform proposals, and to make sure that fans are put front and centre of the Fan-led Review. To date 36 MP’s have signed up for this EDM. See more of this here.

On the 22nd of May Oliver Dowden, the Culture Secretary announced an Advisory Panel, and is comprised of a broad range of representatives of the game, and includes FSA Chief Executive, Kevin Miles. The full Fan-led Review panel is here.

A series of online evidence sessions has already begun with all FSA’s member supporter affiliates and associates at every level of the game, giving an opportunity to present their ideas and experiences to the panel throughout May and June.

An interim report will be made available in July 2021, with the final report published in October 2021. The report will cover all clubs who compete in the English pyramid system. See more here.

Here is our Fan-led Review Guide. You can also see our Chair’s letter to Hilary Benn MP here.

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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Jun 2 2021 08:28AM

You may have heard a lot in the news recently about the Fan Led Review. The initiative has gained momentum after the recent European Super League debacle.

We explain here the objectives of the Fan Led Review and the role your Trust is playing in supporting this important initiative.

What is the Fan-led Review?

This review was promised by the current Government in its Party Manifesto for the 2019 General Election.

It will look at the way that football is governed in England across a wide range of issues.

What sort of issues?

There is no single, definitive list. But the FLR will certainly look at:

• Reforms to the way that TV revenues are distributed through the pyamid.

• Look at interventions to protect club identity.

• Securing a greater role for supporters in the way that their clubs are managed.

• Explore governance structures in other countries, including ownership models.

• Examine the way in which the FA and the various Leagues carry out their functions.

• Consider whether a new, independent regulator is needed for football.

The Terms of Reference (ToR) are here.

Why now?

Partly because of the Manifesto Commitment, but there is no doubt that the recent developments around the European Super League (ESL) have given looking at these issues even more urgency.

Who is going to carry out the review?

MP Tracey Crouch will chair it, and she will be supported by a panel of people reflecting views from different parts of the game. As the name of the review suggests, the views of fans will be especially influential.

Ms. Crouch is a Conservative Party MP for Chatham & Aylesford, a former Sports Minister, and a Tottenham fan.

The Members of the Panel supporting her are:

Kevin Miles - Chief Executive, Football Supporters Association

Denise Barrett-Baxendale - Chief Executive, Everton FC

Clarke Carlisle - former Chair Professional Footballers Association

Dan Jones - Football Finance

Dawn Airey - Chair, Football Association Women’s Super League

David Mahoney - Chief Executive, England & Wales Cricket Board

James Tedford - former Secretary, Southport FC

Godric Smith - Director, Cambridge United FC

Danny Finkelstein – A political columnist for The Times

Roy Hodgson - former England Manager.

You can see more of a description of who they are and the wide representation of the game they cover here.

How long will the review take?

It is expected to be some time in October. The aim is to come up with some interim findings by the Parliamentary Recess in July, with a final report in October.

Who will be giving evidence?

A wide variety of people and organisations from within the game. The views of fans are particularly important, and Ms. Crouch has already said that she wants to meet with as many Supporters Trusts as she can.

This will be through fan-led online evidence sessions. Further details of evidence gathering can be found here.

When does this all start?

It already has - the Review had a fairly low key launch on 20 May; meetings are already underway

When will it finish?

The Review may be concluded by the autumn. Our assessment is that it is very likely to recommend some changes that require legislation.

If it does, then the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) will have to secure Parliamentary time for a Bill. And that is very likely to take the process into 2022 at least.

Is this not likely to disappoint supporters?

The more radical the recommended changes, the longer it is likely to take to implement them. The football supporters’ movement through supporters trusts and fans in general, have the potential to speed up progress through active campaigning on the ground to demand it.

How can I get involved?

You can submit evidence of your own, if you wish, or contact us via email at [email protected].

Alternatively, you can write to your local MP to express your support for reform. In our experience, if enough of their constituents do this, most MPs feel obliged to take an active interest in proceedings. You can find out who your MP is here. You can also find examples of what points you may want to make here.

How can we keep up to date with developments?

We will:

• Email our members with our regular updates of the review’s progress.

• Publish these regular updates on our website.

• Share our information on our social media platforms.

• Provide opportunities to discuss the review through online meetings with our members and the AGM

• Focus on different aspects of the review in order to give our supporters more “in depth” coverage on some of the detail.

You may want to see our other Fan-led Review article here. And see our Chair’s letter to Hilary Benn MP here.

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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Jun 2 2021 08:02AM

Dear Hilary Benn,

I am writing to you as Chair of Bantams Supporters Trust and on behalf of our Supporters Trust for Bradford City fans with regards to an Early Day Motion 1765 proposing a Fan-Led Review of Football Governance, tabled by your colleague Ian Mearns, Labour MP for Gateshead, and urging all MP's to back it.

I am sure you are aware of the failed plans of the 'big 6' Clubs within the Premier League that were prepared to join 6 other big European Clubs to join a European Super League a proposal that further whet's the appetites for yet more profit of their owners.

Football is big business but we want football to take a real hard look at itself. A Government fan-led review is the first step in making a series of reforms that will make football clubs accountable and transparent, that will engage with fans in a football structure where the wealth in the came should be redistributed to all and not accumilated by the richest few.

Here are a list of demands/proposals which the FSA (Football Supporters Association) feels are necessary to redress the balance:

Football has shown that it is not fit to regulate itself – the people who are bound by the rules shouldn’t be the very same people who make them – there needs to be independent regulation of football.

Barriers to supporter ownership should be removed, and supporters should be empowered to take a meaningful ownership stake in their clubs.

Fans need a much greater say in the decision-making structures of clubs and should be embedded on club boards to prevent any chance of this sort of thing happening again.

Too many clubs further down the football pyramid have gone to the wall because of a lack of transparency and financial oversight – more needs to be done to ensure that community institutions are not lost, and reckless owners can’t destroy our clubs.

The women’s game should not be an afterthought, and clubs should not be tethered to their men’s equivalent but free to make the decisions that are best for their continued growth and success.

Nothing should be off the table, including Government legislation if necessary, to make the changes we need.

Fans need to be front and centre of the fan-led review, and that includes key issues like ticket pricing, kick-off times and the dozens of other things that actually matter to match-going supporters.

33 MP's, predominantly Labour have signed, and I urge you to sign it as well.

Yours sincerely

Manny Dominguez

Bantams Supporters Trust Chair

You can see more about the Fan-led Review here, and our Fan-led Review Guide, here.

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