Dale Trust Apologises for Fire Chanting

The Trust Chair raised with the Rochdale Supporters Trust the issue of ‘fire’ chanting that had come from a section of Dale fans at the recent game at Valley Parade. The following reply has been received.

Hi Alan

I was at the game, and can assure you that there was no slight or lack of respect intended by the chanting of some of the fans. As you are aware, this is a chant which many fans use directed at opposing fans leaving prior to the conclusion of a game, but, please believe me, this is in no way an attempt to defend its use in this instance. Indeed, our more "senior" fans, aware of the sensitivity of the circumstances, and realising that such a chant was totally unacceptable, quickly attempted to diffuse the situation by advising those "responsible" to cease, which they did.

On behalf of the Dale Supporters Trust, may I sincerely apologise for the justified concern expressed both by your fans on the day and Bradford City Supporters Trust, resulting in your email. Please be assured once more that no offence was intended, and, I assure you that we would never intentionally be party to disrespecting the tragedy suffered by your Club in 1985.

Regards Murray Knight Secretary Rochdale Supporters Trust

The Trust has expressed its appreciation of this statement, which lays to rest any fears that may have been raised about the incident.