By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Jun 3 2020 09:30AM

It is great that everyone has been playing their part and many are going above and beyond the call of duty to look after others.

Despite the gradual release of the 'lock-down' there are many vulnerable people who are still self isolating, and we also recognise that worrying about your health and the health of loved ones as well as money, housing and the release itself can present a myriad of problems.

With this in mind we wanted to list a number of support orgnisations that may be of help in these tough times, including their web links and telephone numbers if available.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) advice and information - Bradford Council

Bradford Mind - (General Enquiries) 01274 730 815

Bradford & District Age Concern - 01274 391190

Bradford Bereavement Support - 07946 131940

Women's Centre Bradford Survive & Thrive - 08082800999

Men Standing Up (Housing Support For Victims Of Domestic Abuse) - 01274 925111

Bradford Council Adult Social Care - 01274 435400

Bradford Council Children's Services - 01274 435600

Bradford & District Support For Carers - 01274 449660

Bradford & Airdale Citizen's Advice - (Bradford & Keighley) 03442 451282

Bradford Central Foodbank - 07838 830438

Bradford Metropolitan Foodbank - 07857371420

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Jun 3 2020 08:14AM

Bradford Central Foodbank has 'been overwhelmed at the generosity of people to give their time and donations', Josie Barlow the Foodbank Manager says.

“It was so amazing receiving the food parcel. It was the first time I’d eaten in two days. It’s so nice to know that there’s somebody out there thinking of other people in times of crisis. To all the people who volunteer and donate to food bank I can’t thank you enough. You are warriors! Thank you for being there in my time of need.” Gemma Long

This is why your support of Foodbank has been absolutely vital to enable struggling families to survive this. In just over 2 months since lockdown began we have fed an incredible 4627 people in 1697 families providing 41,643 meals! We’ve moved to temporary premises and gone to a delivery only service. See it in action as shown by BBC Look North here.

In a city that has poverty affecting large parts of the local population, the virus pandemic has accentuated the cry for help.

Fans can can donate here.

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, May 11 2020 09:04AM

On the 11th May 1985 we were supposed to be celebrating our league championship, eagerly looking forward to our return to Division 2 after a 58-year absence, but instead, 56 fans never returned home as a result of the devastating events of that day.

Today, 35 years on, despite the uncertain situation we find ourselves in due to the Coronavirus lock-down, our traditional mark of respect of that fateful day will see tributes and solidarity from football supporters all over the world. They will be at one with us in commemoration and respect for all those who died, or were injured, and for families who lost loved ones.

We extend arms out to all those paying their respects today as we strive to ensure that football never has to witness such tragic event again. Our condolences go out today on behalf of Bantams Supporters Trust.

With best wishes,

From the Bantams Trust Board

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Apr 21 2020 05:51PM

Dear Members and supporters of the Trust,

What uncertain times we are living in today here and across the world due to this pandemic. We hope that you and your families are all safe wherever you all may be.

We wanted to touch base with you to firstly keep you up to date where league football is concerned and also maintain our community links and communications with you including our survey. You will see these items in the link articles below (as separate article news items).

But first let's start with the state of football, because there has been a lot of information rumoured in the media about how football will start and the financial implications when it comes to television income, which makes football a multi-billion pounds industry. There has been much speculation, but all we can be certain about is that domestic football is still suspended until it is considered safe to resume. You can see a full list of official announcements / updates from credible sources on football throughout the UK and Europe in the FSA's link article here. That information is up to date as of 15th April.

More recently there has been an 'Open Letter' to fans from EFL Chair, Rick Parry, to fans from EFL, dated 17th April, which coincided with the 132nd anniversary of the founding of the Football League and is quite revealing as it gives a clear indication that a return to the remainder of the season will 'likely' be behind closed doors, and that "Plans are continuing to be worked up for all games to be broadcast either via our broadcast partners, iFollow or equivalent Club streaming services.' Talks are ongoing as to the practicalities of how clubs can return to action and how this resumption may affect the following season.

For most City fans, understandably, the resumption of the remainder of the season will not be anticipated with great expectations. Such has been the disappointment of what we have already seen that we face the prospect of grinding out results as a minimum expectation in reaching the finish line of our remaining 9 fixtures. Behind the scenes, there is a palpable financial pressure as a result of the lock-down, keenly felt not only by City but by the vast majority of Clubs.

Clubs, including City, have taken advantage of the government's furloughing scheme (See City's Furlough Leave Statement) which allows the state to fund 80% of full-time staff and players’ wages, up to a value of £2,500 per month per employee. The EFL Joint Statement with the PFA (Players Football Association) gives us a glimpse of the collective arrangements at national level. A 'working group' supports local Club and player discussions and gives the the League and PFA a greater understanding of players' concerns and financial pressures member Clubs are facing. For further details that includes a compromise proposal that has been agreed between the EFL and the PFA, please click on our EFL Joint Statement link.

Obviously this is not an ideal situation, and in these challenging times we hope to update you as we get the information, to help us all understand what is going on behind these ever-changing events.

With best wishes and stay safe.

From all on the Bantams Trust Board

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Apr 21 2020 05:36PM

For further info about the Club's Furlough situation as a result of the impact of the Corona Virus 'lock-down' situation below:

The club has been in the process of furloughing staff and players, allowing a period of absence as the coronavirus outbreak continues to impact the United Kingdom.

Training was suspended on March 14 after a member of the Bantams’ coaching staff displayed symptoms of COVID-19, and players have not since reported for training.

City’s administrative staff were asked to work from home, where possible, in the days which followed.

Today’s announcement enables the club to retain its employees, while receiving support from the government via the newly-created Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

The backing from Westminster sees 80 per-cent of full-time staff and players’ wages covered - up to a value of £2,500 per month, per employee.

And those who have been furloughed will have the rest of their salaries paid by the club.

City’s director of communications, Ryan Sparks, explained: “These measures are far from ideal, though, given the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in, they protect employees who are unable to perform their duties - avoiding forced redundancies.

“From a cashflow perspective, we and a number of our EFL counterparts are facing a great deal of pressure.

“This is no-one’s fault and football's governing bodies have been extremely helpful, but we have to take action in order to safeguard the future of Bradford City.

“There is no indication as to when the season will resume. The governing bodies are continuing to discuss this across Europe and we are hopeful of some progress over the coming days.

“We are very confident this season will be completed in one way or another - and that next season will happen.

“There could be a delay to its start, of course, with a shift in the usual calendar. Discussions with the EFL are continuing around that and we are fully engaged in them.

“That aside, our thoughts and prayers at this time are with the families of those being directly affected by COVID-19.

“Many lives have already been lost in this country, with more coronavirus cases being reported every single day.

“We have to look after our people and ensure football’s future, but it is not a priority at this time.

“Right now, the focus is on staying home, protecting the NHS - which continues to do an incredible job - and saving lives.

“We urge our supporters and the people of Bradford to continue to follow government advice and stay safe.”

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Apr 21 2020 05:20PM

This statement below gives us a glimpse of the collective arrangements in the form of a 'working group' and how it supports local Club and player discussions and enables the the League and PFA a greater understanding of players' concerns and financial pressures member Clubs are facing:

The EFL has continued to hold constructive discussions over the Easter weekend with representatives of the PFA in respect of the issues created by the COVID-19 crisis, with a particular focus on Clubs in League One and League Two. In addition, the EFL held further talks with Clubs from those divisions at the end of last week.

The EFL and member Clubs recognise that each Club will hold individual discussions with players and that agreements will be reached at a local level. At the same time, Clubs in League One and League Two have acknowledged the strength of a collective approach to support and inform their decisions.

As a result of these discussions, it has been agreed that the EFL and PFA will form a working group of six Club captains/PFA delegates from League One and Two, supported by a representative nominated by the PFA, to engage in dialogue in respect of players’ wages. While the working group will not be a formal negotiating body, it will help to ensure that players are fully informed as they continue to hold discussions with individual Clubs.

In establishing the new group, the EFL and PFA acknowledge the common problems faced by the League and member Clubs, and the need for all parties to be part of a solution. Dialogue with the working group will enable the League both to listen to the concerns of players and to explain the extent of the financial challenges. It will focus not just on the short term (May and June) but will address the medium-term position from the start of July onwards and into next season.

In order to deal with the most immediate payroll issue, the EFL is recommending to Clubs that local discussions are held with players in respect of the month of April only. A compromise proposal has been agreed between the EFL and the PFA for those Clubs engaged in deferral negotiations with their players, meaning that, up to a maximum of 25% of players’ wages for April may be conditionally deferred within the following limits:

Players earning less than £2,500 per month will be paid in full

the 25% reduction must not take any player below £2,500 per month.

This is a recommendation and not a directive as there are Clubs who have stated no requirement to take immediate action at this time.

Further conditions may be agreed at a local level through discussions between individual Clubs and players.

The current position in respect of the Championship is that Clubs last week agreed to conduct wage negotiations with players at a local level, while making financial information available to support their position. A number of Championship Clubs have concluded agreements with players and others will be holding discussions this week.