Update Trust Statement on Meeting with Edin Rahic and the Club

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Oct 18 2018 03:10PM

Dear Members,

Following consultation with you, our members over the last two weeks, we would like to thank all who took the time to give us their considered opinions and questions.

On Tuesday evening, 16th October, the Trust Board met with co-owner, Edin Rahic and Club Representatives to discuss the current and future position of Bradford City Football Club, and to address the questions raised by our members.

We are very pleased that an open and constructive discussion was able to take place on behalf our members and the wider fan base, with a mutual commitment obtained for on-going dialogue with BCST regarding the direction of the Football Club.

We will have a fuller report of Tuesday's meeting out shortly. It is also important to say at this time that we will hold an open members meeting, inclusive to supporters who are not yet members. The details of this meeting will be out in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we encourage all supporters to be the 12th man backing the team and hopefully we will see a turn in results.

Yours sincerely

Your Trust Board:

Manny Dominguez

Justin Brett

Adam Baker

Alan Carling

Georgina Webster

Simon Hagerty

Oct 18 2018 04:12PM by Donald McCulley

The above statement is a complete waste of space all it does is confirm in fact that you had a meeting with the CoOwnet.
I read it as an attempt by the Club to try to ensure there is no act by the supporters at the coming home games by promising some comment in the near future.

Oct 18 2018 04:15PM by Stephen Dunn

I am now an ex pat but still watch every game on iFollow. I keep abreast of all things BCFC and still get to around a half dozen games per season. I wish to be informed of any info on the status of the club and the BCST too.

Yours Sincerely
Steve Dunn

Oct 18 2018 05:47PM by Paul Fixter

Donald, it states “there will be a full report coming out shortly”.
My view is that I am sad at the state the club is in. The dismantling of the loyal backroom staff seems to be the root cause of all the problems. My hope now is that the club can somehow move forward and Mr Rahic leaves the football side to those that know what they’re doing and that the damage being done to our club is halted and we start to progress again.

Oct 18 2018 06:17PM by Steve Gledhill

Rahic and Rupp are a Liability to our club, they are a pair of arrogant know alls who are destroying the not spectacular but solid progress the club made under the ownership of Rhodes and Lawns. We would no doubt be in the championship now under their watch instead of heading for division 2, The quality of persnel they have moved on ie James Mason, Stuart McCall is baffling. Please Mr Rahic/Rupp put the club up for sale before any more damage can be done to the club and it’s fanbase URGENTLY, we want rid of you both.

Oct 18 2018 06:41PM by George Flyde

I hope that Gary Jones sees this. It is as spineless and wimpish as the current squad. The stuff of Neville Chamberlain! Utter rubbish and a complete waste of time. The club has been ruined by the owners through dreadful and inept management. We are the 71st worst team in the EFL in 2018 and you have failed the supporters as badly as the club has failed us. Pathetic! Chocolate fireguard stuff!

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