Supporters Trust's call for Fan Unity

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Aug 8 2019 04:21PM

Dear Members and Supporters,

The Trust has been made aware that there has been understandably much hype from the Cleethorpes press coverage on the issue of football hooliganism, Police intervention and how it will effect local derbies. Our League Two fixture with Grimsby Town is on Saturday 10th.

We understand that this match has been identified by the Police as ‘Category C’ fixtures, which mean they are games most at risk from potential problems with fan behaviour, and why it was moved to the earlier time of 1pm.

At recent West Yorkshire Police Football Independent Advisory Group (IAG) meetings with football supporter representatives from across the region, the Police have talked at length about the potential risk about how they visually make a presence during their match day surveillance of supporters on their way to the ground. South Yorkshire Police in years gone by have been criticised for how they have dealt with high profile fixtures and West Yorkshire Police representatives told us that their aim is to change the way they see them – they no longer want to see football fixtures as public order events but as the sporting events they are. West Yorkshire Police want to be seen in the community enabling supporters access the game. This is a step in the right direction. We accept Police requests to move the fixture times if it is a measured and reasonable one well in advance, but what no-one wants to see is an over the top visual presence which may conflagrate any tension that is already there.

Let’s be clear, football hooliganism; negative reaction and hostility towards any groups of people is not just a football issue but one of society too. Fan unity from the vast majority, campaigning and uniting together around our football clubs and our communities is what is needed to prevail.

Unity is strength

Manny Dominguez

Bradford City Supporters Trust

Aug 9 2019 10:16AM by Roberto Jamon

What's this got to do with anything? It makes no sense.

Aug 9 2019 05:33PM by Manny Dominguez

What it is saying is that there was an article published by the local press in Cleethorpes where it focused on hyping a hooligan issue which was not necessary basically. The Police in Humberside have made our away fixture tomorrow a Category C match, which means it is a game that carries a high risk of trouble. How the police present themselves is important because it can height any potential tension. The discussions at the West Yorkshire Police football IAG are significant because they talked about wanting to view football matches as sporting events rather than public order situations. The article was according to Grimsby supporters stoking unnecessary tensions and causing unnecessary worry. We also wanted to conclude by putting our view on hooliganism. I hope that has made the article clearer.

Aug 9 2019 07:24PM by Roger James

No Manny. It’s still meaningless waffle that continues to make a mockery of BCST. Power to the people comrade.

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