Nominations to stand as a Trust Board Member

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Nov 18 2018 06:55PM

Dear Members,

There is still time to put your nominations to stand as a Trust Board Member...

If you are both open and fair minded and feel you can contribute in any way you can, you should stand.

You may have good listening skills, and be articulate in getting a point across with reason and understanding; You may have good skills in reading and writing; Have ideas about how we can reach more supporters through our publicity, or ways of approach sympathetic small businesses, pubs, cafés into supporting us by provide benefits for all our members, then come and play your part.

If you are good with figures, or interested in youth development, community initiatives such as women’s football, and widening the Club’s support base, please get involved with us! If you have ideas, lets hear them.

We encourage you to play your part in this growing movement!

Please see attached nomination form below...

You can send us a word attachment of the details you need to fill in required to be a Board Member if you cannot write on the form itself.

The Committee meets once a month to discuss business and our relations with the Club. It is not a prerequisite for committee members to attend all the meetings as we understand we all have other pressing needs in our lives, but if you can make a commitment to coming to some of them that would be great. You may find that you have particular interests and that you may develop some work around those interests.

We will hopefully bring you a confirmed date of the AGM / Open Fans Meeting

by 5pm tomorrow (18.11.2018).

You can only stand if you are a member. If you are not a member please join via the 'membership' link.

If you experience problems joining this way please contact us via the 'contact' link.

Yours fraternally

Manny Dominguez

BCST Chair

Nov 24 2018 01:15PM by DARREN slingsby

I hope every supporter of Bradford City FC
Weathe in the BCST OR NOT will give John Dewhirst a big thank you for what he has done through converse WITH STEPHEN RUPP to sort out the problems off the field at the club
unlike all talk and no action by Manning and company on here

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