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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Sep 5 2019 08:21AM

In this month's issue...

Live Bantam coverage on the radio

The Save Bury FC petition

FSA National Council Elections with our very own BCST representative standing!

But first...

On The Pitch

The Bantams have been showing signs of struggling to find their form of late, but with six league games gone into the season, with 2 draws, two wins, and two defeats in that order, it's hardly time to panic in our view. We said at the outset that we felt life in League Two will be hard with every team wanting to take out the favourites for going up. We thought it would be tough, but not too tough we hope.

City have signed on a 2 year deal, Harry Pritchard, and loan signings, Dylan Connolly, from AFC Wimbledon, and Aramide Oteh, from QPR, all before the transfer deadline. Lets hope they give our team another dimension in our endeavor to develop a consistent effort to ensure that they can have a season that we can all be proud of. This is the first full season Gary Bowyer is in charge of the squad. Lets give him and the team our full support ahead of our home fixture against the Cobblers.

Live Radio Coverage

In recent years we may have all struggled to find radio coverage to listen to the Bantams when we can't get to games, whether we have the latest technology or the old frequencies. This season it's even harder! With the Pulse being eaten up by the bigger fish media station, the Bauer Media Group in February this year, and dropped live football coverage altogether for this season. According to Wikipedia, the group are is a German multimedia conglomerate based in Hamburg.

These media takeovers of local radio stations are occurring all too often and have a detrimental effect to the local communities they are supposed to serve, dropping services that are not deemed profitable to them.

To try and make a difference we wrote to John Grogan, MP for Keighley, who has earlier this year tabled a motion on the declining local content in the broadcast output of local radio stations. We also wrote to other Bradford MPs, local newspapers, The T&A, and Yorkshire Post, as well as 'The Local Radio Group' and the Football Supporters Asssciation (FSA. See a copy of the letter below.


On the 27th August a football club was expelled from the league for the first time in in 27 years. It is tragic that this sorry episode has been allowed to happen. Bury fans have had support and solidarity in the hope that they can rebuild their beleaguered club. They had support from thousands of fans last Saturday from across the country that clapped on 27 minutes. Here is something that we can all do - Sign a petition to save Bury FC here.

EFL League 1 and 2 Network elections

As many of you will know, we are affiliated to the FLA, which means all of you who are members of BCST are affiliated members of the FSA. If you are not a member of BCST and would like to be one, join here, and then you can vote in these elections.

Every year at the FSA AGM, affiliated members vote a number of nominated candidates onto its National Council. The FSA now have a vacancy on the FSA National Council for a representative from our EFL League 1 and 2 Network, and voting is now open. That means YOU can vote!

There are four candidates standing for the vacancy – Manny Dominguez, Peter Leatham, Mark Porter and Robert Whittaker - their election statements can be found at this link.

Voting is open now at this link, and will close at 5pm on Tuesday 17th September.

You may vote for only one individual. The result of the ballot is subject to ratification at the meeting of the EFL League 1 and 2 Network on 19th September.

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Thank you for supporting us from all of us on the BCST Board.

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