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By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Jun 18 2019 11:13PM

Bolton Wanderers recently had it’s winding up petition over unpaid taxes by the High Court suspended after the Club went into administration and an emergency foodbank was set up to help out staff who had not been paid at the last game of their season, which the Bolton Wanderers Supporters Trust (BWST) played a large part in organising. Currently talks with the Administrator, BWST and prospective bidders are on going.

For the latest on their situation go to:

For more on BWST’s foodbank activities go to:

Coventry City - A special meeting of EFL clubs to consider the expulsion of Coventry City was cancelled after the club secured a groundshare for next season. The Sky Blues will share with Birmingham City at St. Andrews next season. Coventry City would have liked to continue to play at the Ricoh Arena and share with the Wasps but have failed to reach an agreement with Wasps owners.

Find out what the Sky Blues Trust had to say here:

Blackpool Supporters had something to celebrate at long last – their hated owners, the Oystons had finally departed after 30 years following a High Court ruling after a receiver was appointed to force the owner to pay the £25m that he owes to former co-chairman Valeri Belokon in February. The protesting and boycotting over the last decade eventually paid off. They now have local businessman Simon Sadle as the Club’s new owner. For more on their developments go to:

Leyton Orient – Have had their fair share of club mismanagement over the years. Supporters organised in the Leyton Orient Fans’ Trust (LOFT), have put forward a motion ahead of the Football Supporters Federation (FSF)/Supporters Direct (SD) Annual General Meeting (AGM) in London on the 29th July that supports the idea of fans from different Clubs working together supporting clubs in crisis. The motion reads as follows:

This meeting re-affirms the motion adopted at the 2017 AGM of the Football Supporters’ Federation, instructing the Board and National Council to press the FA and the EFL to introduce a licensing system for clubs, overseen by an independent regulator.

This meeting further notes that since then there have been an increasing number of so-called “crisis clubs” where supporters and trusts have had to contend with negligent and irresponsible owners, and where the footballing authorities have not taken action to manage or prevent such crises.

This meeting further notes that the FA/EFL Owners and Directors Test is not working and is not fit for purpose.

Consequently, this meeting instructs the Board and National Council as follows:

1. To make it a top priority to press the FA and the EFL for an independent regulator to oversee a licensing system for all clubs

2. To campaign jointly with supporters’ trusts in the strongest possible terms to call for this work to be adopted.

Bradford City Supporters Trust along with a number of other Supporters Trusts support the sentiment of this motion as we, along with many other trusts and supporters up and down the country are growing ever more concerned about the state of the game and in particular the governing bodies’ failure to regulate properly. We think this motion will go hand in hand with the FSF/SD’s proposals to make regulations of football clubs and new owners more stringent.

Let us know what you think about the LOFT’s proposed motion.

The Football Supporters Association (FSA)

As some of you may be aware, the FSF and SD merged in November of last year. You may have heard of the new legal trading name, the Unified Football Supporters’ Organisation or UFSO but they have still been using their previous names and keeping separate websites, but the transition to use just one name and create just one website is underway.

See for more info.

Registering to be a delegate for the AGM of the FSA is underway

The event will be held in London, The Royal National Hotel, on a Saturday, the 29th June.

If you would like to attend, please go to:

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