BCST Statement - Where We Are Now

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Sep 14 2018 05:32PM

Dear Members,

We are writing to update you since our last statement.

We are aiming to meet with Edin Rahic as soon as can be arranged to discuss the issues that concerns supporters and we would like to consult with you in the process.

We acknowledge and welcome Edin's apology letter in the Telegraph & Argus, dated 12/9/2018, as a step forward, and we also recognise the suspicion that exists. Whilst many fans are still angry after were we are under the joint owner's tenure after two years, we don't endorse nor believe protests will be productive at this stage.

Edin has said he looks forward to meeting with supporters groups / season ticket holders and provide opportunities to ask questions, so we would like to take him up on his word. With this in mind, we would like to take the opportunity to ask you, our members, what you would ask Edin. If you could get your questions in as soon as possible we will be very grateful.

We hope to organise a supporters meeting to discuss any progress we make shortly.

Yours sincerely

Manny Dominguez

BCST Chair

Sep 14 2018 05:49PM by Chris Walker

I would like to know why it took until January to replace Rory McArdle

Sep 14 2018 06:15PM by peter riley

I would like to know why a player of the year 2017/18 did not play a single league game for us this season then just leaves there are a few rumours going around Would like to know why

Sep 14 2018 06:29PM by Chris Sutton

If we get relegated this season will he put the club up for sale and accept that his ownership has been a failure

Sep 14 2018 06:33PM by DARREN slingsby

Ask him why when they took over club no pre dilligence was made by them in how a division 1 league side needs running by giving manager money to spend himself not to presume that getting coach in and buying kids will not work in this division like it could in European lower leagues because the German chairman should have understood lower leagues in England to the 2 nd division are all professional players unlike in Germany where they are all semi professional feed teams
This is why we are in this mess tell them

Sep 14 2018 07:06PM by DARREN slingsby

It has been stated Mr rupp is worth 100 million plus
So please ask Mr rahich why there has not been serious money spent of at least 6 million in a season by somebody who knows about players and auality of them for monies having to pay out
This has not been done all that has happened is we've got players on cheap and hot rid of better players since rahich and abbott have took over players signings
Ask the chairman why he has done this stupid act of destabilising club

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