BCST End Of Season Update

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Jun 18 2019 09:58PM

Dear Members,

It is safe to say this season has been a non-starter. The tumultuous situation the Club found itself in the first half of the season had its long lasting detrimental impact – relegation back to league two and a disenchantment felt quite acutely amongst the fans, much more so than in previous seasons where the team has suffered on the pitch.

Of course, we have to breath a sigh of relief that we are not a Bolton Wonderers, Blackpool, Coventry or a Leyton Orient, but football clubs including the Bantams are never too far from trouble as the wealth in the beautiful game is becoming ever more polarised, and most football clubs don’t really make a profit, they just survive. Owner mismanagement is a concern for all of us.

We have a lot to be positive about

The Club’s rebuilding of it’s standing began in November 2018 when Julian Rhodes returned and Edin Rahich departed. Since then, we have had up to 14,000 Bantams fans take up it’s welcomed cheap season ticket offer for the new season, and the Club have made a commitment to reconnect with its fan base. The Supporters Board has been re-launched which we play a part in. We also have a direct channel with the Club. This began with Trust representatives meetings with Julian Rhodes, and now we have regular informal discussions with Glenn Ackroyd, the new fans-engagement officer. The benefit of these meetings is give a wider picture of the working relationships of our fellow Trusts and their clubs and the campaigns fans are taking up, as well as offer clarity issues and support for the Club, understanding its’ short and long term strategy where it benefits the fans and community.

We are pleased to see the Club committed to ‘Structured Dialogue’ in its relationship with the Supporters Board and working with the Trust. Structured Dialogue is a formal process of meaningful discussion between Club and supporters where shared information and consultation takes place. We are also pleased the Club is committed to looking at benefitting from Supporters Liaison Officers – which also comes under the Structured Dialogue remit.

The Supporters Trust is part of a wider network of other supporters Trusts as part of Supporters Direct and Football Supporters Federation. This arrangement means that these bodies have experiences of best practice for football clubs nationally; - what works best in Club/supporter relations, community work, policing, ways of improving the matchday experience and so on.

As the Club sees itself being a community club, we feel we are in a position of greater strength in being a source of influence. At the same time we also want to improve our communications with you and to consult more with you on what YOU WANT.

Next season we will be in League Two, but with a new influx of players over the summer, we hope we will have a team we can all be proud of. And with a Club that is committed in valuing its’ supporters, we hope we can have a brighter future as a Club and community going forward.

Yours sincerely

Manny Dominguez

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